DJI Phantom 4 Review

Until April 2016 all of my images were captured with a DJI Phantom 2 w/ GoPro HERO3. But technology moves fast, very fast and here are my thoughts on the now, not so new DJI Phantom 4:


You really can’t fault this drone when it comes to the quality. The small camera really packs a punch and will give most higher end cameras a run for their money. Video up to 4K and stills of 12MP in both jpeg and RAW format. What’s not to like?


DJI Go App
The DJI app is ground breaking. Moving from an LCD monitor to an iPad with a HD video feed, having full control of all the cameras settings, as well as being able to playback what you’ve captured when still in the air is a game changer.


Battery Life
DJI claim it will fly for up to 28 minutes… I have spent over 10 hours in the air with this drone with over 70 separate flights. A comfortable 20 minutes is pretty average before you want to start bringing it back in for landing. However with just a hover 28 minutes is possible.


Practice makes perfect… a newbie could certainly be comfortable flying the Phantom 4 after a few practice sessions in a field. Flying is one thing, filming is another…


Like all Phantom series drones, the P4 is certainly not large by any means but for the size it’s extremely stable in the air, even in windy conditions and it’s capable of speeds up to 45 mph! Impressive! While shooting around the coast and in remote places this is perfect for slinging on your back and going trekking!


Overall this is a solid piece of kit for both hobby and commercial use!

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